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Star Valley Medical Center is happy to announce the opening our our new Urgent Care facility.  We now can offer Star Valley an additional choice to meet your family's healthcare needs. 

Should I see my doctor, visit urgent care, or go to the emergency room?

When choosing where to seek treatment, there are many things to consider.  First and foremost, if it is a lifethreatening issue, always call 911 right away!  Some examples of lifethreatening conditions are:  severe and uncontrolable bleeding, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, chest pain, difficulty standing, walking or speaking, head trauma, severe abdominal pain, and significant allergic reactions.  The ER is the best choice for severe illnesses and injuries or when the severity of the injury/illness is unknown.  

Next, consider the severity of the symptoms.  If the symptoms are urgent, but not lifethreatening, then urgent care may be your best choice.  Symptoms such as cough, sore throats, earaches, sprains and strains, animal and insect bites, and burns need medical attention, but do not need emergency care.  Your primary care physician can also treat any of these symptoms, but may not have any appointments available to fit your schedule, so urgent care is a great choice.

Finally, consider the condition for which you are seeking treatment.    Have you been working with your primary care physician to control a chronic condition such as diabetes, RA, or ongoing back pain?  Are your symptoms being controled with medication? Conditions such as these are best handled by a doctor you have established a relationship with.  They will get to know your history and what things work and don't work for you.  If you don't already have a Primary Care Physician, we have a number of great doctors and multiple locations ready to care for you.  Start your search here.