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Our Services


Star Valley Medical Center’s Laboratory Services offer a full range of lab services such as Hematology, Coagulation, Chemistry, Urinalysis, Microbiology and Blood Bank. We provide emergency services as well as meeting inpatient and outpatient needs. The lab also provides year-round health wellness screenings at a significantly reduced cost, as a service to the Star Valley community. Our highly trained staff uses state of the art equipment and a full range of diagnostic tests.

Laboratory: 307-885-5827
Fax: 307-885-3845

General Lab testing includes 

  • Comprehensive and Basic Metabolic panels    
  • Lipid panels    
  • Liver function testing
  • Renal function testing        
  • Prenatal testing        
  • Therapeutic Drug testing
  • Drugs of Abuse testing        
  • Hepatitis testing    
  • Thyroid function testing
  • Hormone Level testing        
  • Cancer markers        
  • Iron Panel testing
  • CBC (complete blood cell) tests        
  • Urinalysis testing for kidney function 


  • Throat cultures
  • Wound cultures
  • Blood cultures
  • Urine cultures
  • Sputum cultures
  • MRSA screening

PCR testing 

  • Respiratory, viral and bacterial pathogens
  • Stool bacterial and viral pathogens and parasites

If we do not have the technology to do it in our lab then we can send it out to Quest or ARUP laboratories.