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Flu Season hits Star Valley Hard This Year

January 17, 2018


The 2017-2018 Flu Season has entered 2018 with a bang.  Star Valley Medical Center has seen multiple patients with two different verified strains of influenza the first month of the new year.  Recommendations from the CDC are to stay home if you have a high fever, aches, and a bad cough.  If your fever remains 1010 for several days or hits 1030 at any time see your doctor.  One of the easiest ways to help prevent the spread of the flu is to wash your hands often.  If you have had the flu shot there is a chance you could come down with the flu but it will help your body’s immune system recover quicker.  

To protect our patients in the medical center and Star Valley Care Center, SVMC has instated visitation guidelines.  Please do not come to the medical center to visit anyone if you are ill.  Ill patients coming to the medical center or clinic to see a doctor are encouraged to put on a mask as you enter the facilities.  Children 12 years of age or younger will not be allowed in the care center or the inpatient floor.  We appreciate your support with these guidelines to reduce the spread of the flu to our patients and residents.