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The Star Valley Medical Center's Radiology department has recently expanded to meet the increasing needs of our community. Equipped with two x-ray rooms, fluroscopy, a 16 slice CT scanner, a new ultrasound machine, and a portable (bedside) x-ray machine, we can provide the same imaging procedures and exams with the same expertise as would be found in a much larger hospital.

Digital X-ray
We use a digital x-ray system, (which creates digital images rather than a printed sheet of x-ray film). Using the digital system, your doctor can view your images at the same instant a Radiologist or specialist is viewing them.

Our new DEXA scanner, which calculates bone mineral loss to diagnose osteoporosis, was installed in February, 2010. This amazing machine is a welcome addition and can provide base line data to your family physician to determine current risk of osteoporosis.

We currently perform mammograms using a state-of-the-art digital imaging system and our technologists have undergone advanced training to become nationally certified in mammography.

In January 2014, SVMC installed the Hatachi Oval, a top of the line, spacious MRI.  The 74 cm ultra wide bore is the wides MR system on the market and is designed around the human body to provide the optimal patient experiece while delivering crisp, clear imaging.    

Nuclear Medicine
A mobile Nuclear Medicine unit is on-site every other Wednesday.

Cardiac Echo and Vascular Ultrasound
Our nationally registered cardiovascular ultrasound technologist is available to perform cardiac echo exams, as well as all vascular exams using the highest standards. Exams are interpreted by physicians who are experts in these areas.

Understanding Your Bill For Star Valley Medical Center Radiology Services

A radiologist is a physician, who after becoming a medical doctor, attends four additional years of medical school to specialize in interpreting medical images, which makes him/her an imaging expert. Images are obtained using x-rays, CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, or Nuclear Medicine. When any radiology exam is performed, the radiologist "reads" the images and dictates a report. This report is sent directly to your doctor. After your doctor receives this report, he/she passes the results on to you and answers any questions or concerns that you might have.  If you do not hear from your doctor within a reasonable amount of time, please call his/her office to make arrangements to receive the results.

We are happy to announce that we have a new radiologist, Myca Call Veigel, D.O. right here at Star Valley Medical Center 4 days a week. He is to contracted to SVMC through a radiologist group based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, known as Medical Imaging Associates, who we have contracted with for a number of years.  Dr. Veigel specializes in musculoskeletal and general dianostic radiology as well as various pain management, therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. 

When Dr. Veigel. is not on premesis, we are connected to the radiologists at Medical Imaging Associates through a modern, state of the art digital PACS system, which allows the radiologists to view images 24 hours a day, even when they are not physically here in Star Valley.  There is at least one radiologist on duty at all times. 
Medical ImagingAssociates radiologists also read all of the radiology procedures from Teton Hospital in Driggs; Bear Lake Hospital in Montpelier; Madison Medical Center in Rexburg; Mountain Valley Outpatient Imaging Center in Rexburg; and the clinic at BYU Idaho in Rexburg.

When you have a radiology procedure performed at Star Valley Medical Center, you will generally receive two separate bills:
1.      A bill from Star Valley Medical Center. This covers the technical components of the radiology procedure. Essentially this covers the hospital's cost to produce the images.  We use several systems to calculate the appropriate cost associated with any procedure. We make every attempt to keep our pricing for exams very competitive when compared to other hospitals in our geographical area. If you have any questions or concerns about the bill you received from the hospital, please contact our billing office at 885-5873.

2.      A bill from Medical Imaging Associates. This is the professional component of the exam, which is the fee paid to the radiologist for interpreting the images and generating a report.  Because Medical Imaging Associates does their own billing, their bill may come to you weeks after your hospital bill arrives or vise versa.  If you have questions or concerns about your Medical Imaging Associates bill, please call United Medical Solutions Inc., 1819 Hoopes, Idaho Falls, ID 83404. Telephone (208) 552-8761, Toll Free (866) 524-4736 Fax (208) 523-2025.   
To schedule any radiology procedure, to clarify required preparations for a procedure, or to have any radiology procedure thoroughly explained, please call the radiology department at 307-885-5822.     

We are here to serve you. Please call (307) 885-5822 for further information about the services our Radiology department can assist you with.

SVMC Radiologists:
Myka Call Veigel, DO
David Hansen, MD    
Justin A. Lamb, DO 
Dirk Bigler, DO  

Services brochures available:  RadiologyMammography, and Dexascan.


Terry Lemon,
Radiology Director


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