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Red Flag Policy

It is the policy of Star Valley Medical Center that upon admittance and throughout the billing process, steps will be taken in order to identify, detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft.

In order to facilitate detection of the Red Flags identified, staff will take the following steps to obtain and verify the identity of the person.

A. New Patients Accounts
         a. Obtain identifying information (full name, date of birth, address, government issued photo ID, insurance card and Social Security Number).
         b. Obtain and make a copy of photo ID and insurance card for verification purposes in our system.
         c. When available, verify information with insurance company's information.
         d. Verify ID of Guarantor.

B. Exisiting Accounts
         a. Obtain identifying information (Photo ID and Insurance Card)
         b. Confirm the Social Security Number by verifying the last 4 digits.
         c. Verify validity of requests for billing address changes.
         d. Verify customer's identity before giving out any personal information over the phone.
         e. Identify Medical Record numbers with duplicate; eliminate unnecessary account and records to reduce confusion and potential Red Flags.