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Patient Information

With one phone call, you can register for outpatient and inpatient surgery, outpatient testing and labor and delivery. Registering before your visit allows you a quick and convenient check-in. With your paperwork already complete, you simply arrive at the front desk and sign in. That’s it. For more information, call 307-885-5873.

When you arrive at your room, you will find a patient handbook that contains in-depth information about your stay.


A review of the medications you were taking before your admittance to the hospital is essential for us to treat you as safely as possible. Providing us with a complete inventory of drugs, doses and times of the day you take them makes bringing your medications to the hospital unnecessary. We will administer your medications to you from our own supply instead.

Why all the restrictions on medications?

Medicare, Medicaid and many insurance companies pay for medications (minus your deductible) your physician prescribes during your stay. If you use your own prescriptions, you will need to refill them sooner, which costs you more money. If you were to bring your medications to the hospital, a pharmacist would be required to identify each one and check the prescription’s accuracy to ensure your safety. Some patients bring multiple medications to the hospital in one container, increasing the chance for errors and jeopardizing their safety. Some patients bring medications they no longer need. By leaving your medications at home, you’re assured of taking only those your doctor prescribes.

Many of your regular medications can negatively interact with medications you receive during your hospital stay. A pharmacist’s review will prevent this from happening.

Tests, Surgeries and Treatment Times

We strive to promptly schedule tests, surgeries and treatments and to adhere to that schedule. However, incoming trauma emergencies may delay your test, surgery or treatment. We apologize for any inconvenience such delays may cause and appreciate your understanding.


To reach the hospital operator, dial “0.” For calls within the hospital dial your party’s four-digit extension. For outgoing local calls dial "9" and then the seven-digit number. Patients may dial out at any time, but incoming calls are permitted only from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Family and friends may call a patient by dialing the main hospital number 307-885-5800 and giving the operator the patient’s name and room number, or they may obtain a direct-line number from the information board in the patient’s room.

Cell Phones

For the privacy and comfort of our patients please restrict cell phone usage to our waiting rooms or step outside.

Food and Nutrition Services
Wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals play an important role in your treatment and recovery. Star Valley Medical Center makes every effort to prepare nutritious meals according to your physician’s orders.   Meals are served at 7:30am, noon and 5:30 pm. Soups and sandwiches can be requested through the nurses' station, when desired at alternative times.

Delayed Meals: Your physician may order X-rays, laboratory tests, surgery or special procedures that may delay, cancel or necessitate a change in your meal. In any case, we will serve you your meal as soon as possible.

Therapeutic Diets: The diet your physician has prescribed for you may be modified in content. This may include limiting salt, fat, sugar or calories. Food may range in consistency from solid to soft to ground to pureed. Your nurse can help you contact a registered dietitian who can address any questions or concerns.

Outside Food Service: We closely monitor your nutrition. Certain foods may not match your nutritional needs. Please notify your nurse if you receive food other than your prescribed meals.

Nothing by Mouth: If your doctor determines that you should not receive anything by mouth, you must strictly follow this instruction for your safety. NOTHING, including gum or hard candy, should be put in your mouth. Failing to follow this order may result in the cancellation of surgeries, tests or treatments.


Cable TV and TV guides are provided in all patient rooms at no charge.

Internet Access

To help you stay connected in this digital age, Star Valley Medical Center is now offering wireless internet to our patients, guests, and visitors.

How did we do?

You may receive a courtesy call from Healthstream (a survey company) about the care and services you received while at Star Valley Medical Center. While we know your life is busy, we encourage you to complete the survey and let us know if we were able to meet your needs and expectations. We want to know that we met your highest standards of customer satisfaction. Please contact Patient Relations at 307-885-5887 if you have any suggestions for improvement, or to recognize a great Star Valley Medical Center care-giver.