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Nursing Care at Star Valley Medical Center

The foundation of Star Valley Medical Center's nursing practice is based upon caring, healing and wholeness.

As nursing professionals, we foster an environment of respect and dignity for our patients and their families, which encourages the development of helping, trusting and caring relationships not only between nurses and patients but among our peers, as well.

We believe that every patient has the right to receive safe, quality care from highly skilled and competent nurses who continually seek professional and personal growth and development. We see each patient as an individual spiritual being, and our care honors this uniqueness.

This holistic approach meets the needs of the mind, body and spirit of each patient and family we touch.

Our Nursing Staff

Here's what our nursing staff has to say...

As a nurse I have a unique opportunity to be a part of someone’s life at some of the most unforgettable times. Whether it is sharing the pure joy of assisting with the birth of a baby, caring for individuals during ill-health, or comforting loved ones with death. I chose to be a nurse because I want to make a difference.           
 - Kristi Allred, RN. 











Derek Greenwald,
Director of Nursing