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"I have had three procedures done at Star Valley Medical Center in 2010.  I was very satisfied with the care and services provided, especially with Dr. Bender, Gloria Hepworth Draney and the nursing staff.  Dr. Bender provided me with information, educated me as to my choices and made sure I knew it was my choice as to what would be done.  He was very descriptive in explaining my options, used diagrams and pictures and gave me his cell phone number to call if I had any questions.  When I did need to call him, he called me right back.  I just love him.  I am confident in his skills and he told me whatever the outcome was, he had the knowledge and resources to provide me to handle it.  I felt very reassured.  Should I need future care, I will come here".
- Jennifer Heap. 

"I am a resident of Montpelier, Idaho and choose to come to the physicians and specialists and be cared for by the team at Star Valley Medical Center in Afton, Wyoming.  I recently experienced cataract eye surgery with Dr. Joshua Fullmer, Ophthalmologist.  He is a wonderful and very caring individual and this makes a tremendous difference.  Star Valley Medical Center has the most excellent people here who give very good care and I appreciate them.  I am also a patient of Dr. Paul Head and he and Debra, his Medical Assistant, are very good to me and truly make my care their priority.  For as small of a community as Afton is, the health care and technology offered at Star Valley Medical Center and the physicians and providers who are available, is the best I have seen.  The care they provide and the Salt River Center (Senior Center) in Afton provide the valley's seniors is phenomenal.  I have lived in Utah, as well, and Wyoming is the leader, in my opinion, in the care and resources they provide to their seniors."
- Chavah Leah, Montpelier, Idaho.